Rest Area

There’s a thing about resting. Normal tasks are out of the question. Vacuuming. Flipping the dishwasher  closed with a backward kick.


adj  conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.

noun the usual, average, or typical state or condition.
Resting – NOT NORMAL! Which reminds me, that my normal 9 months ago was not running. My normal 9 months ago was multiple carafes of coffee to just manage. My normal 9 months ago was a nap in the afternoon. My normal 9 months ago was still a little crazy, a little splintered, a lot of depression, no adrenals working, no hormones balanced.
My NEW normal: running, breathing, planning, acting, not reacting, whole foods, no grains, more protein, more God, less fear, more clarity, less voices in my head, less fat, more muscle, more NO, less yes to everything.
Not necessarily in that order.
So, now I’m resting on the road. That’s okay, because the important tasks and people (a.k.a. family) are already front and center. Because I’m on the road.
I’m encouraged because I have momentum. I’m encouraged because I can encourage myself. Humbly, not prideful. Honestly giving this daughter of the King grace… to rest… in Him… on the road.

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