Exploring Food Themes

I choose.

I choose not to disclose the number attached to my weight loss.

I  choose now to say:


“I’m at my fighting weight.”

I choose.

I choose not to worship the number on my new jeans.

I choose now to say:


“These are really comfortable.”

I choose.

I choose to be humble  when people who haven’t seen me in some time say “You look good”.

I choose now to say:


I chose,  March 4th, to begin a journey. My journey. Doctor appointments, counseling, medical tests, many hours of crying over the foods I could not eat, bearing witness these wonderful tasting delicacies were very well killing me. Adrenal loss, hormone loss, stress levels slowing killing me.  I chose a new way of life.

Food was not the only formidable however.

I chose.


Through the lessons in what I could and could not eat, I learned to prepare new foods, new combinations of foods, and change my thinking about food. Born in the south, food is comfort. Meetings, church functions, weddings, funerals, babies born. All centered around food. If I were to survive, I had to choose. What was good for me, what was not.


The deeper lesson, however, came to me during my quiet time. I had made those physical strides. I was learning the emotional ones. I could apply those lessons of what I can and cannot eat, food that makes me sick, however enticing, however sweet, however savory to the stress that was in my life.


Mainly the people I allowed to make me sick.



Looks good. Tastes sweet.


Company seems fun. It’s sweet to fellowship.

I had not chosen wisely, though. My extroverted self. Assuming all was well.

Healthy people know how to do this. I did not.

I choose, am choosing.

Just like my food.


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