Homeschool Days

1,566 days. 1,914 if you count the Tall Kid who lives in my basement.

Waste water treatment facility. Dissecting squid. 3 enrichment programs. Olympic training center. Vinegar pie. German Shepard therapy dog. Laughter.  Bob Jones. Reading upside down on the red couch. Little Britches. Phonics. Mount Rushmore. Sing Spell. Car schooling. Sonlight. Garden science. Gymnastics. Tears. Glasses. Volcanos. Rush Revere. Spreadsheets. Friends. Prayers. Aquarium. Bullies. Huck Finn. Leonardo Da Vinci. Prayer. Lapbooks. Libraries. Scouts. AHG. PJ days. Moving to the country. Young AmeriTown. Curriculum fairs. Mommy kisses the principal. Hikes. Letters to Mr. Henshaw. Election parties. Garage sale school table. Basement school room. Dining room table school room. Tent school room. Deck school room. Deaths. Births. Grands. Time to volunteer. Time to withdraw. Doubt. Confirmation. Prayer. Ten cent notebooks. Substitute teacher: Nanny. Eclectic year. Rigid year. Laid back year. Natasha, Patti, Lara – what would I have done without you. Book reports. Taxonomy. Dysgraphia. Beginning Middle End. “Can I do questions?” Shorts in the snow. Red hair, orange hair, blue hair (and that’s not mine). Storms in the air, storms in our heart. Maps. Timelines. Vocabulary. Pioneer days. Chocolate with Kim and Kendrick. “Where the Mountain Meets the Moon”. Magnetic goo.

Blink. It’s over.

Blink. They’re grown.

Blink. Life changes.

Blink. In an instant.

Blink. Days gone by.

Blink and Pray!

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