Many Hats

Horse track. Gas station. Emergency room. Pants factory. Ready-to-assemble furniture factory. Electronics part store. The government. A nuclear test sight. 3 Telecommunications companies. Credit card start up. Editor. Writer.

I’ve flipped burgers. I’ve taken insurance cards. I’ve sweat sewing zippers. I’ve walked through cabinet installations. I’ve counted parts. And counted more parts. I’ve strung cables. I’ve mapped, programmed and tested. Slashed words. Written words.

BUT, none has compared to this hat. Homeschool Hat

Some I’ve heard say “I could never homeschool.” Ummm… THEN DON’T!”

Others “I don’t have the patience. “My response is “You haven’t killed them yet.”

The best: “What about socialization?” Let me ask you “Where did you kid hear his first F’word?” I have a whole treatise about this one, too, if you really want the answer.

“I’m not smart enough.” My answer(s):

Okay, you don’t want to know my answer to this one… Let’s just leave it out there. It’s not the point.

As I retire this hat, I can look back and see that we’ve grown as a family because of homeschooling. I’ve grown as a mom, a teacher, a Christian, a human because of homeschooling. Through the struggles and the high-fives, through the tears and the giggles, through rivers, maps, cultures and wars, through nouns, grammar and reading woes, we developed a rhythm to home and homeschool.

As for the next stage? I’ve been perusing the hat store. I have my mom, wife, gram hat and have settle nicely into those. I have a new college hat. I’ll probably have an annoying-mom-highschool-volunteer hat. I’ll definitely dust off my writer/research hat. And one day, I’m going to have my published hat. I’m keeping my never-going-to-settle hat. Anyone like to go hat shopping with me?

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