In continuance with WordPress’s daily prompt – just a few days late – I’d like to talk about the word cloaked. Many on WP wrote some funny, weird and um, interesting blogs. I haven’t participated in a month so I’m going to write how I operate. Sarcastic. Authentic. Because that’s what I do.

Not cloaked. Green_Hooded_Cloak_unlockable_icon

Webster’s definition of cloak is:

1 – a loose outer garment
2 – something likened to an outer garment: such as
  •       something that envelops or conceals 
    •      a cloak of secrecy
  •       a distinctive character or role

Me cloaked. Unless you ticked me off. If I’m cloaked, quiet, you can bet, I’m steaming. Cloaked – not my m.o. modus operandi. 

Have you ever met someone, known them for awhile and then some odd thing happens? A vulnerability. A job change. A hurt. An elevated position. The cloak either comes off or the cloak goes on.

Like the saying “the gloves come off”. The real person appears. The facade – gone. Unplugged. No hint of proverbial makeup to cover up the ugly.


The cloak goes on. Cover up. Go within. Walls up. All the secret covered by the concealers, lipstick and blush we call defense mechanisms. (I would list all of these, but I only play a counselor in online school right now)


Or ME:

usually say what’s on my mind. (not always appropriately)

laughs obnoxiously (usually because of some absurdity)

the over-thinker in me has applied some scenario that no one in the room is aware of

no poker face (no really, I’ve tried. I rented one once and it didn’t fit. I don’t think they make my size.)

Cloaks? NOPE?

Want to get to know someone? Find their cloak.

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