My gravatar, that’s what I’m famous for: chicken pot pie! I’m wife to the knight and homeschooling mama to the scientist, the writer and the gymnast. Add to that list the two who have flown the coop and have their own broods and that makes a quiver. We’ve moved from suburbia-ville out to the country where everyone says we now smell like campfire. Join me in my (sometime mis)adventures.

What you’ll find at the County Road Chronicles: Home School Stuff (if you don’t like it, skip to someone else’s page. It’s our life) Writing Life, and a bunch of words that sound like I’m trying to work out my faith. I came to know the Lord late in my life. I got called out! And then… it wasn’t so easy to fix, change and work out the damage already done here on earth.

What you won’t find here: a soft spoken Christian woman who has all the answers, who loves to do whatever it is that Christian women do. You won’t find me dancing around the truth, although, I don’t have it all figured out. I’ve often been called a “fish wife”, honest (WHA?) and someone actually accused me of being confident. Well, Mary Kay can hide a lot. Sit back and watch the onion unfold.

What you will see here: a woman who has been through a lot of crap. And if that word scares you, come on out to the country, join me in a cup of jo and find out just how much. But, what I will tell you is: I AM REDEEMED!

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